Knight Rider

I worked closely with another student and my professor to create a prototype application for MGA. Knight Rider allows faculty, staff, and students at MGA to organize and share rides with each other from campus to campus. This involved creating a web application, iOS app, and android app that all communicate with a Java + Spring powered REST API. I was responsible for the design of the various apps, and responsible for implementing the web application. This application was submitted to two hackathons; it was a finalist at both.



The login page for the web application. It was designed to be functional yet as minimal as possible to avoid confusion.

The Knight Rider login page


The home page allows users to view their currently active rides and their completed rides. In addition, each ride card provides important metadata concerning each ride, such as time, location, total members, and more. Users may also search for new rides or create rides.

The Knight Rider home page

Find Ride

This page uses the Google Maps API and trip location data to provide a visual way to finding rides to join. Clicking on any of the trip cards in the sidebar or in the map view itself will show the trip detail view for that ride.

The Knight Rider find ride page


The trip detailed view shows the user all the important and relevant information about the trip on one page. It also allows the user to leave or join the trip, and communicate with other trip participants and the driver using the built-in chat functionality.

The Knight Rider ride details page