Assessment Matrix

This was my MGA capstone project. I led a 16 person team in creating the Assessment Matrix, a web app that allows faculty members to more easily file assessments. The work involved everything from requirements gathering, database design, REST API architecture, Angular 4 development, and front-end design.

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The home page greets each faculty member and allows them to pick up from where they left off. The entire web application is a Angular 4 Single Page Application for maximum speed and responsiveness.

The Assessment Matrix home page


The admin page allows administrators to generate reports and view faculty progress. The web app makes uses of JWTs to authorize users. This admin page for example requires a JWT that belongs to an admin user.

The Assessment Matrix admin page


The admin page also features graphing and reporting functionality. This data allows administrators to understand overall assessment trends, determine if MGA is meeting ABET objectives, and discover valuable analytic information concerning courses, SLOs, and students.

The Assessment Matrix data page


Assessment Matrix accounts can be managed using this page. Admins can grant or revoke administrator privileges, reset passwords, and delete accounts. All passwords are hashed and salted before being stored in the database for increased security.

The Assessment Matrix data page