SWORDS Redesign

SWORDS is a course registration system used by my school. I led a team in redesigning the interface to facilitate ease-of-use and understandability, especially for the non-technically inclined users. We conducted an usability analysis, designed mockups, and created prototypes.

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The Login Page

We optimized the login page for simplicity. Our participants had difficulty understanding how to log in, so we made the instructions (and help information) hard to miss.

The login page of SWORDS

The Dashboard

We redesigned the home page of SWORDS as a dashboard interface. This is to allow users to jump to any specific section of SWORDs instantly, without having to click through several menus or different pages. It also gives users a "birds-eye" view of SWORDS, which helps prevent confusion.

The dashboard interface

The Registration Page

A major section of SWORDS that users had difficulty using is the registration page. We used tables to display classes in an efficient, understandable format. A full explanation of this screen can be found in the paper linked below.

The registration page

Class Details Modal

We discovered that users want to see detailed class information without having to navigate to a different page. To facilitate this, we integrated a modal directly into the registration page.

The class details modal