June 04, 2016

Portfolio - Version 2


Every project has to have a why. In this case, I redesigned my portfolio because the first version was unprofessional, and it does not reflect my skills. Back when I created version 1, I had no work to showcase and I ended up using android themes I created as a placeholder.

It’s been almost half a year since then, so my portfolio is long overdue for a proper overhaul. I mean, I still don’t have any good projects to showcase, but hopefully I’ll get something up soon.


This project doesn’t use any tools that are new to me. I tried to stick to tech I knew, because I wanted to focus on the content and design.

Technologies used include:

That’s pretty much it. Nothing crazy. I do want to talk about how I structured the project, kept it organized, and managed my files. I think that is where I really made a breakthrough in this project. I’ll save that for another post though.

Documenting Version 1

I don’t want to forget the visual design of the first edition of my portfolio. In 10 years, I will have gone through many redesigns of my site, and I want to keep track of each iteration so I have something to remember. This was inspired by DevTips creator Travis showing his old work.

Here is the first version of the site.

The Home Page

The raw images of the home page, work pages, and blog can be found in this imgur album.

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