What Did I Learn In
Interactive Digital Media?

By Deep Patel

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I Learned Some Image Manipulation.

Valentine Card 1 Valentine Card 1

These Are Some Valentine Cards I Made.

I made these cards in Photoshop for Valentines Day. I learned a lot about layers, text editing, and managing images when creating these cards. The images and fonts were found online or suggested by our professor.

Stickman vs Snowman Storyboard Stickman vs Snowman Animated

I Also Made some Animations.

I storyboarded an animation using Photoshop, exported each frame as a .png to create the gif you see to the left. This was very eye-opening; making animations is hard! It also taught me to work in layers in Photoshop, which is very useful for managing complex images.

Avatar Logos

I did some personal branding.

I made an avatar of myself using Adobe Illustrator, and I created some logos in Photoshop. These avatar was created using shapes, so it is vector. It can be scaled up/down infinitely without losing quality. Awesome!

I Did Some Audio Stuff.

I Created a podcast about Ai.

This podcast was created using Audacity, and I integrated an interview with Google’s Go Bot team. This taught me a lot about how to work with audio, splicing audio together, adding background music, and more.

I made cool Presentations.

I made a prezi to help me review.

This prezi covered Chapter 11 in our textbook. Prezi is an interesting presentation method because it allows you to zoom, pan, and view specific sections of a entire board, instead of the traditional powerpoint “slides” method. It can be a novel way to transmit information and ideas. I thoroughly recommend it. Since all information is on one giant “board”, it’s easy to create relationships, display heirarchy, and use zoom effects to get your point across.

I recorded myself doing dumb things.

This is a mashup video I made.

This is a mashup of 4 different videos of myself reciting the Litany Against Fear from Dune. This project helped me learn about video editing, transitions, and adding background music. It also gave me the opportunity to use Lightworks, which is a powerful video editing tool. It’s used in Hollywood for good reason!

The End.

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